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EXF-12 (mass production machine)
​Released in September 2021!

From development to manufacturingALL JAPAN MADE
Recycled pellets are also available!
Industrial grade pellet-type large resin additive manufacturing machine

Build area: 1.7mx 1.3mx 1.0m
High-speed molding with 15kg discharge per hour

General purpose and recycled pellet material available

The image of the molding sample isOur InstagramPlease see ​


*Please contact us from our inquiry form for a tour of the actual machine.

EXF-12量産機: 商品ページ


Large and high-speed molding, compatible with various materials
Industrial grade large 3D resin additive manufacturing machine


Proprietary injection molding type head

The 3D print head, which uses a screw for injection molding, is our proprietary design exclusively for the EXF-12 mass production machine equipped with temperature control and various sensors in order to achieve stable resin ejection and high-speed molding.
​In addition, it is designed so that it can be upgraded and replaced with our newly developed 3D print head in the future.


Wide molding range of 1.7mx1.3mx1.0m

Realizes the largest class molding range among mass-produced machines from domestic manufacturers. The build plate temperature can be set up to 80 degrees to reduce the warping of the build. It also has a vacuum function to stabilize the molding sheet. We have devised ways to stably realize large-scale molding.


Compatible with a wide variety of materials

It is possible to use general-purpose thermoplastic resin in pellet form as a material, not a material dedicated to 3D printers. Of course, molding with recycled pellet materials is also possible.
*The photo shows a mixture of cellulose nanofiber and PP pellets.
Achievements: ABS, PLA, PP, PC, Elastomer, CFRP, CNF, etc.


​Highly rigid newly designed frame

A unique design for EXF-12 mass production machine that achieves high rigidity, and a strong frame structure that can withstand high-volume, high-speed molding. The build plates are individually adjustable and precision designed to eliminate the need for leveling each time. In addition, we have added reinforcements in various places so that forklifts and cranes can be used when relocating.


High-speed molding with a maximum discharge amount of 15 kg/1 hour

A nozzle of φ2mm to φ8mm can be used, and high-speed molding with a maximum discharge amount of 15kg/hour is possible.
​ * However, the larger the nozzle diameter, the larger the layering marks. Depending on the application, surface finishing by post-processing may be required.


​ Adoption of FANUC for the control device and other high-performance equipment

FANUC, which is the world's first large-scale resin molding 3D printer (*according to our research), is adopted as the control device. Advanced control is possible by adopting the control device of the company, which has the highest market share in machine tools and is trusted. Using G-code generated from 3D data (using software developed independently by our company), we have achieved highly efficient molding, such as control of molding speed and discharge volume.


Chamber room for stable molding

Equipped with a function to control the temperature inside the cabinet (up to 80°C) and the build plate (up to 100°C) using a hot air fan in order to suppress "warping" caused by shrinkage that inevitably occurs during modeling. In addition, it is equipped with a vacuum function to temporarily fix the resin sheet for fixing the modeled object. In addition, the build plate can be adjusted parallel to the main body separately. Furthermore, leveling, which is required every time a model is created with a general 3D printer, is completely unnecessary due to the high-precision processed plate.


Ball screw and other parts are all made in Japan

A ball screw is used in the drive system to achieve industrial grade. In combination with FANUC's control device, smooth and highly accurate mechanical operation is realized.
In addition, all domestically procured and domestically processed high-precision, high-quality parts are assembled in Japan using advanced technology.
*Assembly manufacturingKobashi Industry Co., Ltd.looks,KOBASHI ROBOTICSThank you for your cooperation.


Large touch panel with an emphasis on operability

A large touch panel with an emphasis on operability is used. In addition to visibility, the widely used Windows OS is used to enable remote software upgrades and maintenance (only when the remote maintenance option is used).


Fully equipped with automatic fire extinguishing system and other safety measures

Equipped with a device for automatic fire extinguishing when the chamber room becomes abnormally high temperature. In addition, it is equipped with safety switches for the front cabinet and various temperature sensors.


Proprietary slice data creation tool

In order to make the most of the EXF-12's large-capacity, high-speed modeling, we have prepared tools such as a tool for creating slice data from 3D data and a simple modeling simulator (using Rhinoceros Grasshopper). . Of course, we also have a post processor that converts to EXF-12 exclusive G code.

Molding an elastomer chair.JPG

It can also be used for the production of final products

By using stable molding and various materials (thermoplastic resin), it is possible to produce prototypes as well as molded objects that can be used as they are as final products.
*The photo shows a sofa made of elastomer material.
Molding time is 8.5 hours (about 52 kg)

EXF-12量産機: 機能紹介

Basic spec

industrial grade
Pellet large resin additive manufacturing machine
​ (FGF method large 3D printer)
(Mass production machine: 2021 model)

Forming range
Number of heads
Maximum injection volume
Nozzle diameter
Axial guide
Driving method
Repetitive positioning accuracy
Used resin

Table loading weight
Table control temperature
Part Fixation
Chamber control temperature
Control device
Slicer software
Other peripheral software
Power supply
Required installation space

Control panel

X 1700mm Y 1300mm Z1000mm
Single head
Max. 15kg/h
φ2 to φ8
Linear guide
Ball screw
Various thermoplastic resins, composite materials
Compounds such as biomass
300 kg (uniform load)
〜 Temperature range: 100°C to 100°C
〜 60°C to 60°C
Specialized software or general-purpose slicer software
Specialized post processor (G code conversion)
AC200V (30A×2)
W3502 D2102 H2121~2930
W5100 D3600 H3100
10t unic or 10t wing
Can be lifted by 5t forklift
Remote operation is also possible by using the automatic operation software running on Window 10 and a touch panel.

EXF-12量産機: テキスト

3D printing a 52 kg sofa in 8 hours


Check with AR

You can check the actual size of EXF-12 in AR.
​Read this QR code with your smartphone.
* We recommend viewing in a Wi-Fi environment.

EXF-12量産機: 画像
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