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ExtraBold Inc.


REX-Series (Robot + AM Machines)
​BUTLER fabrication™


Large Scale AM Machines (12ft container size)


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Click here to apply for the EX² experience tour

We are currently looking for participants for the EX² experience tour of our showroom (from material recycling to 3D printing)

Our company's activities will be featured on the show! After the show airs, you can watch it on Tver, the show's official page, YouTube , etc.



ExtraBold cooperates with HONOKA to exhibit 3D printer REX-BUTLER for the first time in Japan


ExtraBold Inc. cooperates with Serendix to implement the world's first "3D printed plastic window".


Notice of exhibiting at INTERMOLD Nagoya 2024 held from June 26th to 28th and special lecture on June 26th

November 22, 2023

At "Osaka Art & Design 2024" (venue: Hankyu Umeda Main Store, 9th floor, held from May 29th to June 10th, 2024). In cooperation with HONOKA.lab Co., Ltd., we will be exhibiting our Butler-type (patent pending) 3D printer "REX-Series BUTLER fabrication™" for the first time in Japan, using our collaborative robot. For more information on the news release, please click here .

October 23, 2023

ExtraBold Inc. has contributed to the "serendix10" project by manufacturing 3D printed plastic window frames at the request of Serendix Corporation, offering design flexibility and cost savings. 

June 17, 2024

We will be exhibiting our new 3D printer that utilizes collaborative robots, " REX-Series BUTLER fabrication™," at INETERMOLD Nagoya 2024 .
In addition, our CEO, Hara, will give a special lecture from 1:00 pm on June 26th. This event will be held at Port Messe Nagoya from June 26th to 28th.
For details of the news release, click here

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Products and services


Mass production machine (on sale)
Recycled pellets available
Resin pellet type large additive manufacturing machine

Device size: same size as 12ft container
Build size: 1.7mx 1.3mx 1.0m
High-speed molding with 15kg discharge per hour

General purpose and recycled pellet material available

Originally designed and manufactured with purely domestic parts
​Industrial grade machine developed for the manufacturing industry

About Molding Requests
Hosting Service

For those who are considering the introduction of EXF-12
For those who wish to use our molding (paid service)

We will provide information about our EXF-12 hosting service, and also provide guidance to customers who are considering the introduction of EXF-12.
We recommend you to use the hosting service first.
Also, a tour of the Itabashi Technical Center* is available.
(Only for those who are considering using our hosting service and introducing EXF-12)

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REX-Series BUTLER fabrication™
(Overseas version)

Collaborative robot + proprietary 3DP head + dedicated unit
AM + α material recycling system for small and medium-sized products

Adoption of the same resin pellet type extrusion method 3DP head as EXF-12
The 3DP head is fixed to a dedicated sequencer unit.
The build plate is attached to a commercially available cooperative robot to operate it.
Unique new system that moves like a "butler "*.
In addition to the 3D printing unit, other units such as cutting units

AM+α system that can be expanded by adding units for other manufacturing methods in addition to the 3D printing unit.
Pre-sales in Thailand as of December 2023. Domestic sales are undecided.
*Patent pending for the Butler method.

About Molding Requests
Hosting Service

For those who are considering the introduction of EXF-12
For those who wish to use our molding (paid service)

Please contact us using this contact form. We will be happy to provide you with information about our hosting services, or if you are interested in learning more about our services, we will be happy to provide you with a tour of our actual equipment.


​Our activities such as current research and development status and daily molding tests are distributed on Instagram. If you would like to see photos and videos other than the preview below, please contact us.Instagram URLPlease visit and check various experimental cases.
Also, please register an account for @ExtraBold_Inc.

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