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BUTLER fabrication™

About BUTLER fabrication™ ?

REX-Series is a 3D printing system with a new concept that combines a robot and our large 3D print head, which has a proven track record with EXF-12.
It is possible to mold not only thermoplastic resin pellets, but also recycled materials, bioplastic materials, etc.
BUTLER fabrication™ requires less space to install than our large 3D additive manufacturing machine EXF-12, which uses collaborative robots, and targets small to medium-sized objects.
This is a popular version to further promote our mission "Green Creative™".

BUTLER fabrication™ isThe system consists of the following four elements.
1) Proprietary 3DP head    2) Commercially available collaborative robo
3) Dedicated control unit   4) Software

​We have a 3D print head developed in-house, a dedicated control unit, a dedicated slicer, and peripheral equipment.
​Can be used as BUTLER fabrication™ by combining with a commercially available collaborative robot*.

*As of November 2023, compatible with Universal Robot's UR16e, etc. We will gradually increase the number of compatible models.

REX-BUTLER image movie (about 5 min.)

Example of 3D printing with REX-Series

We will introduce molding samples etc.
​ *The sample is an example of printing using a BUTLER fabrication™ prototype machine.

Application to MMA (multi-tool) system

BUTLER fabrication™ can be expanded as an MMA system (Multi-Mode Additive Manufacturing System) by adding optional dedicated units (currently under development).This is a completely new system that can be used to expand various construction methods such as milling for finish cutting and injection molding using simple molds.

Features of MMA system

Example of MMA system configuration

Basic specifications of standard system

The specifications are based on the configuration of the standard head, dedicated unit, and UR16e.

​Specifications vary depending on the model of collaborative robot to be combined.

Screenshot 2023-10-17 17.51.20.png
Screenshot 2023-11-06 15.03_edited.jpg

Maximum resin discharge amount

15kg/h (depending on resin used for modeling)

available materials

Pelleted thermoplastic resin
Results: PLA/ABS/PP/PC/CFRP/elastomer, etc.

Printing range (maximum print size)

It varies depending on the robot arm specifications to be set up.
Also, due to the characteristics of the robot arm, it varies depending on the shape to be printed. Below is an example of results when using UR16e.
● For full size XYZ 400 x 400 x 400

● Maximum height: 500 x 350 x 800

Table payload capacity (maximum printing weight)

10kg for UR16e
(Robot arm to set up
(depending on specifications)

Head heater maximum temperature


Table heater maximum temperature


table size

500mm ×500mm

Weight (main unit, operation stand, head)

Main unit 330kg, operation stand 40kg, head 30kg

power supply

Single phase 220V 40A (for UR16e: includes robot arm power supply)

Nozzle diameter


extruder temperature


Material conveyance

Manual loading or automatic transport
(Air compressor required if using automatic transport)

control panel

Windows touch panel with control software installed


The modeling data is generated using a dedicated tool developed by our company based on Rhinoceros Grasshopper.
*Rhinoceros sold separately

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