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Currently in trial operation
Training, joint research, introduction preparation (boot camp)

​A training gym for "digital manufacturing" where you can hone your skills through the practice of our large 3D additive manufacturing machine (3D printer), various 3D CAD/CG, and other 3D digital tools.

*Currently in trial operationis. if you are interestedinquiryplease.

BOLD GYM: 商品ページ

Bold Gym
Updating at any time!

BOLD GYM: テキスト
BOLD GYM: Pro Gallery

Voices of BoldGYM members and experienced people

Experience comments from student interns, part-time workers, and company participants (currently being updated)


Waseda University
Department of Architecture, Major in Architecture

From July 2019
part-time job
Successful launch in Singapore

Currently in charge of software development

Ayato Doki


Tokyo Metropolitan University
Graduate School of System Design (Graduation)
​From May 2021 to March 2022
Intern → part-time job
​Useful for modeling work and equipment assembly work

Takumi Nakae

Mr. Kitamura's face photo_edited.jpg

Tokyo Metropolitan University
Graduate School of System Design​ (Graduation)
From May 2021 to March 2022

​Design chairs with unique structures

Yui Kitamura

IMG_7078 2.jpeg

Chiba Institute of Technology

From November 2020

part-time job

A student who loves 3D printers
Very active in experimental verification work, etc.

Keita Takatsuka

in preparation
Suda's face photo 1_edited.jpg

toyota motor
design department
​Seconded employee (currently returned)
From April 2021 to March 2022
While researching the possibilities of 3D printing, he played an active role as a seconded employee as a member of our company.

Yousuke Suda

in preparation

Maeda Giken Co., Ltd.
From April 2021
​Long-term residence
Currently stationed at Maeda Giken's "MG Tokyo Factory", which is attached to our company, and is in charge of modeling services using EXF-12

Toshiki Iyoda

in preparation

Niigata Takizawa Co., Ltd.

From February 2022
​Under long-term training
Studying 3D digital tools for the first time while considering the use of large 3D printers for store interiors and order furniture for our own business

Kenji Takizawa

in preparation

Worked for a major toy manufacturer
Intern (1 day a week)
From March 2022

Sachiko Munechika

in preparation

Tokyo Metropolitan University
​Graduate School of System Design
From November 2021

Hibiki Sakai

in preparation
BOLD GYM: お客様の声
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