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Looking for members!

Would you like to work with us?

ExtraBold Co., Ltd. is serious about creating the future of recycling and decentralized manufacturing. Would you like to create that future together?

We welcome people who value harmony and who can cooperate with other members of the company to proceed with projects.

Conditions and other conditions are determined in a way that is mutually agreeable through interviews.
Otsuka Station in Toshima Ward is the nearest station to our company, but remote work is also possible depending on the job type and situation.
​Business trips may be required depending on the job type and situation.

メンバー募集: 採用情報

[Researcher/operation engineer]
 Full-time employees (side jobs allowed), outsourcing, part-time jobs

​​Now hiring!

We would like you to carry out molding tests and experiments on the EXF series of large 3D additive manufacturing machines (3D printers) developed, manufactured and sold by our company, as well as related work. Also, I would like to ask you to experiment with products that are currently under development. You will also be in charge of demonstrations and explanations for visitors, as well as work such as report production.
Once you are able to handle your duties, please provide guidance and advice to interns, part-time workers, and trainees from companies.

In addition, we may ask for short-term business trips overseas, including the research subsidiary in Singapore.

■ Those who can work about 4 hours/day if possible on weekdays
■Those who can use Rhino's Grasshopper are welcome!
■ 3DCAD/CAM operation experience
*Rhino, SolidWorks, Fusion360, etc.

■Experienced with various 3D printers (including personal)
■Experienced operator of machining center, etc.

Of course, we also consider inexperienced people.

Part-time job, side job OK! is.

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[Electrical engineer (FANUC control)]
​Full-time employees, contract employees, outsourcing

Now recruiting!

You will be responsible for the design evaluation of in-house developed 3D printers and other design work necessary for tuning of mass production machines.
​We are especially looking for engineers with experience in FANUC control and machine tools.

Those who have practical experience or knowledge of any of the following

■ FANUC CNC ladder design experience

■ Practical experience in servo motor control for machine tools, etc.

■ Programming experience in either C, C++, or C# language

■ Those who have electrical knowledge of control systems related to PLC etc.

IMG_6222 2.jpeg

[Mechanical Engineer]
​Full-time employees, contract employees, outsourcing

Now recruiting!

In the development of next-generation 3D printers, you will be responsible for the detailed design of the core unit mechanism including the printer head required for future new models, prototype evaluation, mass production design, and mass production launch.

You will also be responsible for designing improvements to existing products.

In addition, from the conceptual design of the entire equipment to the detailed design and to the manufacturing subcontractor

You will also experience the entire product development process, such as design manufacturing guidance and mass production guidance.

Those who have practical experience or knowledge of any of the following

■Practical experience in development and design of extruders for injection molding machines

■ Practical experience in designing nozzles for extruders of injection molding machines

■Experienced in development and design of attachments for arm robots

■ 3DCAD design experience (required)
*SolidWorks, Fusion360, etc.


【Software Development】
​ Full-time employees, contract employees, outsourcing possible

Now recruiting!

We would like to ask you to create an operation program (G-code) for the 3D printer exclusively developed in-house, develop software such as an interface for the operation panel, and outsource management. Those who have experience with 3D CAD/CAM software are especially welcome!

■ More than 3 years of development experience
* Those who have experience in any of the following

■Development experience in C language, C++, Python

■Development experience such as CAD/CAM/CAE
■ Those who are interested in new technology
■ Those who want to be involved in manufacturing work
■Other Grasshopper experience is welcome

Operation panel.png

ExtraBold Co., Ltd. is looking for members to create the future of cycle and decentralized manufacturing together.
If you are interested, please feel free to contact us!

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