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Tokyo Metropolitan University
Graduate School of System Design (Graduation)
​March 2021 ~ about 1 year
Intern → part-time job

Takumi Nakaei

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・At university, I study product design, mainly mobility design. In my research, I was conducting research to propose idea generation using generative design to car designers.

-Why did you start your internship?

・It was my first time to listen to Mr. Hara's lecture in a graduate school class. In that lecture, he was very strongly involved in his own areas of interest, such as the current state of 3D printers, the potential of generative design, and the relationship between mobility and 3D printing. Among them, I wanted to deepen my knowledge of 3D and be able to use it to some extent before I got a job, and I wanted to learn more about generative design and related knowledge that I dealt with in my master's research. It was become a thing.

-Fun and good things

・As an intern student, I learned the process of designing what I want to make by myself (I made a stool) and molding it using a large-sized printer.

At Extra Bold, we make a prototype with a small printer and consider the molding before using a large printer.

I learned how difficult it is to make things with 3D printers. After overcoming these problems, I was able to enjoy a sense of accomplishment when the desired shape was produced. In addition, the model that was actually output was the actual size, so it was very powerful, and it was a valuable experience that you could sit down as it was.

-Other comments

・It was an environment where I could learn a wide range of things, such as 3D data creation, modeling work, and knowledge of materials. If there was anything I didn't understand, the members were kind enough to immediately ask and solve it, and even if I was a 3D software beginner, they followed up properly.

By all means, this is an intern who wants to challenge those who like manufacturing!

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