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Tokyo Metropolitan University
Graduate School of System Design​ (Graduation)
Department of Industrial Art

interior design studio M2

From May 2021 to March 2022
Participated as ​Intern ​

Yui Kitamura

kitamura_san: お客様の声

1) Reason for starting the internship

I learned about EXTRABOLD when Mr. Hara came to a class in my department as an outside lecturer. I had never used a 3D printer before, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to take on the challenge, so I took a tour of the company and decided to come as an intern.

2) It was fun. Good thing.

The most impressive thing was that I was able to print my own model on a large printer. It was my first time printing something in 3D as well as printing a large model, so it was very interesting.

It was also a good experience for me to learn about the history and development of 3D printers, about 3D modeling, and other things that teachers don't teach at school. I had the opportunity to learn a little about not only 3D printers but also other molding and processing methods, which was also very interesting.

When I first joined the internship, I only used fusion360 and cinema4D to some extent, but in the end I was able to use rinoceros to create the models I wanted to create, so I am very grateful. I gained the ability to use it not only for the chair I made as an intern, but also for master's research and hobby production.

3) Other comments

I feel that I was able to have an experience that I can only have here, to the extent that I regret that I could not visit you much due to my academic work. I was also very happy to receive Mr. Suda's feedback on the shape of the chair, which was quite constructive. Thank you for all the help you have given me. thank you!

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