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Waseda University
Department of Architecture, Major in Architecture

From July 2019
part-time job
Successful launch in Singapore

Currently in charge of software development

Ayato Doki

Douki_san: Testimonial

  • How I started my internship
    It was around the time I was in my third year of undergraduate school, and I was beginning to become interested in parametric design and digital technology. When I visited the exhibition, I felt that I wanted to study digital, and at the same time, I felt that it was attractive to be able to do physical manufacturing together, which was the reason I decided to become an intern.

  • fun things, good things
    I think one of the characteristics of modeling with a 3D printer is that the distance between the idea in your head and the actual product is close. I was able to experience the importance of When I went on a business trip to Singapore, my horizons expanded in many ways. Since it is a startup, there are many things that I have to do my own research, but I feel that this has led to my interest in various things. And it was good to meet people who I can respect more than anything.

  • Things I want to do in the future (at GYM)
    Currently, I am mainly helping with the software, but I would like to incorporate the ideas of various people and support smoother model output. I still haven't studied enough, so I want to study a lot. I think it would be nice if it could be applied to architecture somewhere. I'm looking forward to crossing fields and seeing various ideas take shape.

  • Other comments
    Since it is still under development, there are some steady and difficult parts. However, I think that it is unique to this environment that you can try various things while thinking for yourself, so if you are interested, please join us! We look forward.

Douki_san: テキスト
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