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EXF-12 (prototype*)

industrial grade
12ft size large 3D printer

Build size: 1.7m x 1.3m x 1.0m
High-speed molding with 15kg discharge per hour

General purpose and recycled pellet material available
*We are currently developing the EXF-12 mass production machine.

Regarding commercial benchmarks, we are currently very busy and cannot respond immediately. I am very sorry.

EXF-12試作機: 商品ページ


Industrial-grade 3D printer for large, high-speed modeling and multi-material compatibility

Wide molding area of 1.7mx1.3mx1.0m

Achieved the largest class modeling size among domestic manufacturers. The build plate temperature can be set up to 80 degrees to reduce the warping of the build. It also has a vacuum function to stabilize the molding sheet. We have devised ways to stably realize large-scale molding.

Compatible with a wide variety of materials

It is possible to use general-purpose thermoplastic resin in pellet form as a material, not a material dedicated to 3D printers. Of course, molding with recycled pellet materials is also possible.
Molding results: ABS, PLA, PP, PC, elastomer, CFRP, etc.

High-speed molding with a maximum discharge amount of 15 kg/1 hour

A nozzle of φ2mm to φ8mm can be used, and high-speed molding with a maximum discharge amount of 15kg/hour is possible.
​*However, the larger the nozzle diameter, the larger the layering marks, so depending on the application, post-processing may be required for surface finishing.

​ Adoption of FANUC for the control device and high-performance equipment

FANUC is adopted as the control device to realize advanced control. It is also equipped with a heat bed and a chamber room that controls the internal temperature. It is also equipped with an automatic fire extinguisher in case of emergency and a remote operation function for emergency control from the outside.

EXF-12試作機: 機能紹介

EXF-12 basic specs

12ft container size large 3D printer (first mass production prototype: 2020 model)

Thermal extrusion method using resin pellets (dual nozzle)
Materials available: Thermoplastic resin in pellet form
(Results: PLA, ABS, PP, PC, CFRP, elastomer, etc.)
Build size: 1.7m x 1.3m x 1.0m

Nozzle diameter  : 2.0mm to 8.0mm

Extruder temperature: up to 350°C
​Equipped with air blow cooling system

Chamber room: Stable temperature control up to 80°C/Hot build plate/Vacuum equipment

Automatic material handling machine: another option

Maximum discharge rate: 15kg/h high-speed molding

Remote operation function: Remote operation is possible by adopting Window10 tablet operation panel

Adoption of FANUC controller: advanced control is possible

EXF-12試作機: テキスト
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